Sister+Sister: Minimalistic designs with a twist

Sister+Sister is a project that came to life by two sisters, after a lot of thinking and most importantly after a lot of dreaming.

I, Vasiliki, and my sister Anastasia come from different working backgrounds and therefore we strengthen and complete each other. Anastasia has a proven successful record of designing leather accessories and you can find her already established brand here, I, on the other hand, work with advertising and marketing so I know a thing or two about product presentation, social media and customer relations.

SisterP+Sister is our way to showcase to the world our vision of leather accessories. We offer minimalistic designs with clean lines and cuts. We want to create items that are simple in the eye but with great attention to detail. Our main goal is to create products with a timeless feel, products that can be worn today, tomorrow and in ten years from now.

We always use genuine leather for an edgier result. All our leathers come from Italy and they are of high quality. After all, is there a better feel than the smell of leather or its soft, shiny surface on your hands?

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